PAST PARTICIPANTS: ghostoffuffle, veen, Complexity, _refugee_ flagamuffin, zebra2, rjw, wasoxygen, humanodon


1. Refugees Flounder

2. Thenewgreen's meat for tacos

3. GoFuffle's Roast chicken and chicken pie

4. Humanodon's bacon cheeseburger

Please bite for your choice, keeping in mind the rules set forth in the carnivore challenge post -you can see the submissions there too.

Winner will choose the next challenge. May the best chef win!

Edit: autocorrect changed "vote" to "bite". Gonna keep that one.


GhostofFluffle. For not only making a meat eater's dish but for defiling a carcass to do it.

And for using the word "featherlizard."

posted by thenewgreen: 1675 days ago