Wow, what a freak. He cannot fathom that some information should be beyond the reaches of public servants? This is an extremely dangerous philosophy for the head of the FBI to have in a representative democracy.

The goal is not a world without crime. The goal is to strike a balance between reducing crime, and what we are willing to do to reduce it.

Bad guys. Pathetic.


Wow. I'm not a huge everything needs to be guarded by encryption guy. I like my encryption, but I don't need it for every message, nor do I even feel the need to have it for every device.

But just out of principal, I might start now.

What's really funny, is that the FBI can't control encryption, any more than the NSA can break it. As long as the user controls the private keys (assuming a key model is being used) and the user is using a modern cipher, there is nothing they can force google or apple to do.

Legally of course, there is much murkier water, but from a technical perspective the FBI is showing their technologically illiterate hand.

posted by mk: 1556 days ago