Glad too see they're not dropping the Nexus 5 just yet. That 6 will be faaarrr too big for me.

also, insomniasexx do you adore the site design as much as I do?


So big! I really wanted to possible transition back to android with the 6 but this is just ridiculous. It may work for some people, but my tiny hands and tiny pockets will not do the iPhone 6 or the Nexus 6. :(

I think the only benefit of the iPhone 6 coming out is that I can get an iPhone 5S for cheaper. My current phone is about dead.

This site is flawless on my 27in monitor. I usually work in split screen when I'm on a 27" display because theres too much wasted space. But this site works.

posted by veen: 1618 days ago