I absolutely hate that term "the male gaze". The fact it is used is the sort of thing that leaves a bad aftertaste.

Honestly, why does the term exist in the first place? It's no shorter, no more descriptive than saying "for men". Beyonce doesn't perform for men.

And the fact that it's referred to with "the". Like "the male gaze" is some higher entity or something of that sort. Really? Do we need a singular, nearly proper noun to refer to the fact that people will stare at things they like? Should we start talking about if male actors are performing for "the female gaze"? Or, should we refer to art as attracting "the human gaze"?

It's just people trying to sound official by making up terms for things that don't exist, honestly. Pseudo-academics.

posted by insomniasexx: 1568 days ago