I won't be on Hubski very often again till Thursday so today I get to quickly profess my love to the best website on the planet after being on it for a year, with a picture. And it has to be quick because my fingers are actually degenerating from all the time I've had to spend working on the computer and my doctor will yell at me if I stay longer.


ButterflyEffect, thenewgreen, Outlander, @Delta@ 's Delta, _refugee_, havires, insomniasexx, kleinbl00 cool there's the nametags sorry if I didn't draw you I probably wanted to this was really quick okay gotta go now ow my index finger bye


Happy upcoming anniversary my friend. Thank you for making me appear way cooler looking than I am! -I know, I know lil and mknod I shouldn't be self deprecating about my coolness level :)

8bit, I'm very glad you found Hubski and I'm very much enjoying Hubskina. I look forward to reading it and I'm genuinely interested in the plot. -It's so demanding.

Also, shout-out to delta cuz, it didn't work in your post.

Enjoy your time away!

posted by user-inactivated: 1569 days ago