Fuck. Of all the things I had to get my head around, I feel very lucky not to have to had to go far in terms of gender, or to have to fight for it.

I can say that I am a heterosexual guy, and that's explanation enough. However, I am not aggressively hetero, and at times, especially if I have a few drinks in me, I am even less so, and I've had numerous gay pals and strangers tell me that I needed to hear them out, that I was confused, or at least that I confused them. The closest I can come to empathizing with the author is that the frequency of those occasions fucked with me a bit, and for a time, I was cautious or corrective. I never felt myself drifting anywhere, but that seemed to be what people were looking for. After a time, I realized that if I write right-handed and bat left-handed, then hell, maybe I'm a bit dandy too.

Why people so aggressively project gender, I have no clue. It's insidiously hurtful.

posted by user-inactivated: 1571 days ago