Time again for our discussion thread this week on Miller's Crossing. I somehow couldn't find the time to watch it these past few days but I was able to read what scrimetime posted yesterday on the film and I have to say it sounds phenomenal, its on my list to be watched.

So what did you all think? Share your thoughts!

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No one's said anything yet? I guess I'll have a go.

It wasn't as overtly Coen brothers as some of their other films. I like the Coen brothers a lot though. Certainly it has some very Coen moments (the Thompson Jitterbug tops the list).

It definitely rode the gangster tropes pretty hard, but it was self-aware of it. It seems like it could have easily been more of a black comedy like Fargo in that way, but overall I didn't really get too much of that sense here, minus a few key parts.

I thought the Atlantic article about it was overly enamored with it. It's good, yes, but it comes off ever-so-slightly awkward because it straddles a line between being a quintessential Coen film (which are somewhat ironically the elements about it that the Atlantic author dislikes) and a straight gangster film.

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