Seems like the sort of thing kleinbl00 would enjoy but already know about.

I realized I should write more. Basically, it works slightly like reddit etc -- you post cool retail items and people vote on favorites so they rise to the top. Difference: votes are hard-and-fast pledges to buy the product if it reaches a certain price drop. Once enough people vote/pledge, massdrop talks to retailers and explains what's going on, they do a bulk order, cheaper, everyone's happy. Currently the products are pretty niche/expensive but I just bought two pairs of designer shades for 24 dollars.


I got my iBasso DX50 through Massdrop. If I were less broke I would be using Massdrop a lot more, but I definitely like it. It's especially good if you want to know if the item is worth it. Commenters are quick to let everybody know if it's worth it, if there is someplace where it can be found cheaper, or whatever else you may need to know.

posted by flagamuffin: 1576 days ago