As in, the texts are the story. It may or may not be based on an imagined interaction between me and someone else. There's some context missing, but I'm intentionally leaving it out. Make of this what you will.


  Received 22:31

  Sent 22:33
What's up?

  Received 22:34
Not much, just procrastinating on this fuckin paper

  Sent 22:34

  Sent 22:35

  Received 22:37

  Sent 22:38
How are you?

  Sent 23:02
Did you really want to know, or were you just procrastinating?

  Received 7:32
Honest answer, or nice answer?

  Sent 7:36

  Received 7:37
Yeah, I really wanted to know.

  Sent 7:40
...what makes the other option so nice?

  Received 7:42
I didn't say who it was nice for

  Sent 7:46


This is a great idea, and I love it. Definitely do more, keep elaborating. I would suggest definitely not adding labels (like initials or names of each sender) incase you were juggling the idea, it's much more interesting this way imo.

posted by galen: 1764 days ago