I got on a bus today, without timetable or ticket
  Because they seemed like cheating, and 
  I was tired of cheating

  No cut corners, no roundtrips, no stops
  No broken-glass promises or

  So I learned that sitting on a bus when it starts is
  Like being inside the stomach of 
  A growling beast

  And I learned to focus on the buildings and
  Then the forest sliding by in 
  Time with my heart

  And I learned that if you let it
  A bus ride can be the seed of
  Any dream

  And I learned to leave some dreams 
  Behind me, remaining only
  In my memory

  What else did I learn?
  I don't think my journey will ever end
  I am still moving


  I got on a chair today, swivel with wheels
  Because it was at my desk, at a window, and 
  I was tired of standing

  No paper cuts, no roundabouts, no stops
  No broken-glass promises to myself

  Instead, decisions, dreams, deliberations 
Decision 1: I'll contribute something today to Hubski, starting with this loveletter to flaggy's poem. Hey, _refugee_, rezzeJ adapt a line or two of flag's meditation to suit your own immediate moment. Let's make it #todayswritingprompt

posted by flagamuffin: 1730 days ago