I just thought I should let you know that it was delicious.

So I've been getting more into cooking lately. My mother, many years ago, bought me a copy of The Joy of Cooking, which still, to this day, has recipes on blender butter, instructions on how best to skin a squirrel (or so I've heard, from editions from the 70's) and etiquette advice for all American occasions. It's quite the amazing book, and I find myself more interested in it than The Infinite Jest which I am currently 'reading'.

While browsing it, I came across the section on bread pudding and mistook it for Baked French Toast (caserrole). There is the recipe. What other family tradition/super-good eats can you recommend that don't take more than two hours?

Edit: the title's sandwich was on a really kick-ass rye bread

posted by beezneez: 1643 days ago