This is a bit of a rushed post.

My room mate just told me that he doesn't listen to female artists that often because "all they usually sing about is love and stuff."

Obviously this statement is painfully and patently false. I need you all to help me prove it.

Hubskiers. Give me your power. Lend me your collective musical consciousness. Post your favorite songs by female artists. Let me make a playlist to destroy this false thinking. We can do it.

Lend me your power.


Almost any songs, with some exceptions but seriously most songs, are about human relationships. Human relationships tend to revolve around love. So if this roommate were to take the same approach to male songs as he does female songs I think he defined that they're on pretty equal footing.

I'll not defend female songwriters/performers because that's just silly. But here are some of my favorite female performers/artists:

Linda Thompson

Gillian Welch:


Neko Case (here with the New Pornographers)

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