So all this begs the question- what do good sexual privacy laws look like? I think its pretty clear that pornography should be consensual and there needs to be a legal backing to that, but what would the best laws on this topic do? How would they work? How are they enacted without going overboard and stepping on other rights? Whats the appropriate balance?


I don't I agree with the author. What is sexual privacy? Should it be any different from any other private matter or image that I do not want to be shared publicly?

How would it be enforced? On a pseudoanonymous app, it would likely be the provider that would be held accountable, and made to surrender the user's information to the authorities. Would providers be able not to give that information? Should they be made to collect it just in case?

These are unfortunate incidents. However, the resulting dissemination is fallout from a crime. The persons that created that fallout by stealing the images can be prosecuted on a clear basis. Trying to punish those that posted, or shared, or upvoted, or liked, the images would likely do more harm than good.

posted by Thritic: 1713 days ago