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1. Clearly, the obvious: we all agree that doing drugs and having children in the same temporal space is inadvisable.

  1a. Partaking in both in close physical proximity at least doubly so. 
2. The part where we consider the shame a parent should feel when so obviously out of it because of one's own choices that one's child not only recognizes the parent's lack of sobriety but is distressed by it.

  2a. The part where we wonder, but aren't able to assess, what the parent in this video feels. 
  2b. The part where we wonder whether the parent copes with parenting via drug use. 
3. The discussion session for violence, "appropriate" violence, appropriate parenting in order to respond to stressful situations without resorting to violence if possible.

  3a. Where we discuss whether a video of a high parent is enough information from which to draw conclusions about parenting methods and discipline. 
       3ai. The part where we decide it's not. 
       3aii. The part where it is impossible not to form opinions/conclusions/ideas anyway. 
  3b. Where we discuss if the child's actions can be deemed appropriate and if so, quantified on a measure of "how appropriate." (A hilarious scale. I vote no on both counts.)
4. Conclusion. We are all very sad. We have no proposals, or if we do, they are mostly out of touch of this environment, not likely to be enacted, not likely to be effective, or some other combination of generally not viable. We continue to be sad. We may also be angry, cynical, optimistic, etc, depending on our personalities, mood, and what we had for lunch.

This is my conversation tree. These are my tree-theories. (My treeories.)

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