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An essay on handwriting


"This is what my handwriting looks like."

Dear Hubski:

I write to you from the depths of my notebook (soon to be a Muji notebook but currently a Moleskine Cahier), on a subject which I hold dear to my 16-year old heart (today's my birthday, wohoo! note, forgot the cross for the first t in today). As you have probably guessed from the title and the fact that images from my notebook are most likely where you're reading this, I'm gonna be talking about handwriting. And because I am doing this as a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, and because I am writing in pen (uniball micro), there shall BE NO EDITING!

Alright. New paragraph -- and a warning that due to the pitfalls of my journal organization and the horrendousness of this paper, you page break notice bleedthrough and the fact that my font has gotten smaller.

Handwriting is one of those arts which I feel as though are becoming less and less valued -- particularly among my generation (and the male gender). We stop teaching cursive in elementary school, [and instead] teach kids to type essays and all that -- which is important for the modern world, but is changing our culture. Most people these days write a little like this, with unconnected letters and no self-expression, or perhaps self-expression through the lack of expression[.]

But in my mind one of the most important things to remember in an increasingly digital age is that we human beings thrive on connecting with other human beings. This is largely why (in my humble opinion) places like Hubski, and yes, Reddit, thrive -- because of that human connection. It is clear, too, that that human connection can be formed in something as starkly non-expressional as computerized text -- because of the meaning derived from the letters that make up what you're writing.

Yet, at the same time, there are expressions which can ONLY be expressed through writing or speech, the latter being obviously the more selective. So, I've a couple questions for you, Hubski.

1. How's my handwriting look? I'm 16, male, a high school junior in NH, [but] born, raised, [and] living in California.

2. What does YOUR handwriting look like? Does it get as messy as mine after writing for a long time? (see also question 4)

3. Do you agree or disagree with my premise that handwriting is largely dying out? Why?

4. Sample of your print? Sample of your script?




Dear u/demure,

Great post! That is some mighty fine handwriting you got there! You should be very proud! As you can see I'm still writing on a 3rd grade level. I hate my ugly scrawl!!! My SO does calligraphy and it's almost embarrassing to practice with her. I consider this lack of skill one of my greatest flaws. I curse these fingers that scar paper like a dull knife...

I think handwriting is extremely important to us. There is something pure in putting quill to scroll. A mind/body connection you just can't get on a keyboard. My mind is clear but my writing is muddy and it bothers the hell out of me! But I digress...

Anyways, great topic. I hope my penmanship hasn't hurt your eyes too bad. Take solace that your hand flows freer than mine. To Hubski I ask what one can do to better their writing skills? Is there any hope for me? Is the pen really mightier than the sword?

posted by demure: 1601 days ago