This interesting tidbit. The "government" forcing its beliefs on private business owners in direct violation of the First Amendment Religious Liberty Clause. It is also interesting that the same people who say, "Government should not be in our bedroom" meaning they should not be determining any sexual standards of behavior, are, many times, the very same people who want GOVERNMENT to dictate their own "standards of behavior" on people who don't agree with them on rights of conscience. This has been the plan of the Gay and Lesbian lobby (and a well-executed one I might add) since they disrupted the 1973 convention for the American Psychiatric Association. They want to impose "their" beliefs on those who don't agree with them, and they have NO PROBLEM using the power of GOVERNMENT to be their tool. This is also the case with the American Judiciary who consistently over-ride the will of the people who pass laws through a constitutional process. If the Judiciary doesn't like it, they find ways to "interpret the constitution" to make it fit the laws they want instead of using the Constitution to interpret laws. As Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes stated in 1934,"We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is." He was objecting to the tendency of the judiciary to “legislate from the bench”. He was a brilliant jurist and objected to “court packing” as was FDR’s judicial reorganization plan. Progressives, who have tended to “highjack” the judicial process, want it to be "fluid" which means they want it to say what they "think" it should say instead of what it clearly does say. However, instead of changing it through the prescribed congressional amendment process (which is slow and arduous on purpose), they just want to legislate it from the bench so to speak. We need to return to the intended constitutional amendment process as prescribed. The departure from this process has been one of the causes of dissention and division in our nation. Let’s return to our roots; it worked well until the last 80 years.

posted by hootsbox: 1578 days ago