This is a very confusing article...

    tweeting the locations and actions of demonstrators, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were in effect gathering intelligence for the authorities.

Decent point. You shouldn't point out where the peaceful demonstrators are.

    this is not good. there are guys armed & they are gathering at top of the road. "we're making history tonight"

        — Amy K. Nelson (@AmyKNelson) August 17, 2014
I agree. This should not have been a tweet. This should have been a call to the police AND a tweet. The public has a right to know if there are people with guns standing outside their homes, and if people have guns, that's what the police SHOULD be going after.

    As reporters on Friday night posted Vines of alleged looters taking things out of an electronics store, they probably weren’t thinking about throwing them in jail

I would be. Why steal from your fellow citizens? That electronic store has nothing to do with the police, those electronics belong to your fellow community members. Even if it did belong to the police, there is no justification for committing more crime because your enemy does.

    Live-streamers are the worst offenders when it comes to publishing without foresight. Whole categories of journalistic ethics are simply inapplicable to what they do because there is no layer of deliberation between what they see and what they publish.

I can see that argument, but when you see live streamers have their cameras disabled due to rubber bullets firing at them, why would you put yourself in harms way just to find out the SD card got damaged and you can't publish the video? Or the police arrested you and confiscated the camera and video. Kind of like what happened to the Al Jazeera reporters. Oh, wait, you are an Al Jazeera reporter? WTF?

    Looting at the liquor store again.

        — Tim Pool (@Timcast) August 16, 2014
Again, I would want to know if I were in Ferguson to avoid that liquor store. And looting is morally wrong, so the police should know about that.

I don't get any of these arguments anymore. It's become us vs. them. It always has been and always will be in this country. Just like all the major media news outlets, you are either "for" or "against" an issue. Things are fucking complicated, people, stop thinking in black and white. Thinking in black and white is why Palestine and Israel are permanently fucked. Do we want Ferguson to become another Gaza Strip? Inside the United fucking States of America?

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