Sorry if this seems like advertising, but I really want to see this DVD produced and that'll only happen if as many people hear about it as possible. Benny Greb is a fantastic German drummer that's looking to create his second DVD, The Art and Science of Groove. His aim is to dispel the myth that groove can't be learned. Check it out!


I know that you might not believe it (as I didn't, at your age), but learning to drum will help you dance.

Now, dancing in public is a whole 'nother matter, but that's what booze is for.

But I digress. Work on that limb independence! Ratatat's "Nostrand" is a good exercise. The first part will really work your chop(s) with the 16th note accent pattern on the hi-hat. Then, the breakdown is great for working off-beat hi-hat crunches between your (presumably) right hand and your left foot while your kick drum has it's own thing going. Snare is boring, but carries the song.

posted by galen: 1622 days ago