Hey all,

How about a Hubski meet up in Ann Arbor this Saturday? b_b, mk, ecib, jonaswildman, bgood79, mknod, OftenBen, artificialembers, mrjasonetaylor, sounds_sound -long shot, I know. Mindwolf, OldNateNewNate, insomniasexx, -There are Michiganders that I am forgetting about... WHO? Speak now, let us know who you are so we can coax you in to coming to Ann Arbor this Saturday to hang with us.

Where?: Ashley's

When? 8:00pm

Why?: Why the hell not!

See you in A2


There is a Texas Hubski meetup every day, with 100% of Hubski Texans in attendance!

(oh God, I'm so lonely)...

posted by thenewgreen: 1689 days ago