He may have crapped all over our childhoods with the prequels but the man sure knows how to go to market: What Star Wars has to do with selling cute German imports is not entirely clear. But the tie-in of Star Wars to Volkswagen's advertising is: The ads immediately went viral (as does virtually anything Star Wars), thus not only promoting the new Beetle but also the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, in theaters Feb. 10 in a new 3D conversion.

lucky_cabbage: How come your ad didn't go viral? ;-) I guess my question is when is the dark lord going to stop releasing the umpteenth version of his movies and hand off this once great franchise to somebody who can develop a decent screenplay and come out with something fresh and new? Hopefully that person won't have to create some annoying as hell character to suck in the kids (jar jar!) to make up for his inability to write a halfway adult conversation. To your point of the prequels sucking, it feels like he recycled as much dialogue as possible from the originals. Maybe the next release will find some way to input product placement into the originals and destroy those for good as well?

posted by thenewgreen: 2593 days ago