Here we saw Hunter S. Thompson being interviewed about his time with the Hells Angels.

As interesting as that was, footage where the shoe is on the other foot has surfaced. Thompson interviews Keith Richards, and Richards is armed and dangerous -- which is generally the domain of Thompson. Two men, both on drugs, treating a ridiculous conversation very seriously. Will someone die? Can you understand either one of them? Find out within.


    What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, if the unstoppable force is Keith Richards and the immovable object is Hunter S. Thompson, we may have an answer to that. In 1993, ABC’s “In Concert” series was promised an interview with Richards at his most insane, drug-fueled stage of rock star excess. Unfortunately when it came time to conduct the interview, Richards decided that he wanted more money, locking his door and refusing to open it. Desperately searching for a solution, ABC decided to fight crazy with crazy, by asking Thompson to conduct the interview. Hunter agreed, but there was still the issue of the locked door, which he solved by hooking up a recording of a pig being slaughtered to a megaphone and blasted it at the locked door until a bewildered—and armed—Richards opened up. You can see the full interview above—pay attention to Thompson’s first line “Hi. My name is Hunter S. Thompson and I haven’t been paid yet.”

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