Encouraging that the percentage is better than average this time. In '76 the world thought it might be looking at the next pandemic virus but unless we get very unlucky it looks like that won't happen.


    Ebola is relatively hard to catch[...] In order to get Ebola, someone must touch the blood or bodily fluids (including sweat, urine, and semen) of a person or animal who's infected (alive or dead). People can also catch it through indirect contact with victims' fluids, such as via bedding or medical equipment.

This doesn't leave me feeling particularly heartened.

It's also pretty shocking that, although this latest Zaire outbreak tracks historically as one of the least fatal, its fatality rate is still double that of the most common strain of smallpox. But I suppose it's not quite as virulent?

posted by flagamuffin: 1642 days ago