This was inspired by thenewgreen's post asking what everyone was looking forward to last weekend. We're a little over a month into the Summer, though to me Summer really starts at earlier in June or whenever college gets out of session. So far, it's been a very relaxing summer. I feel less stressed than I've felt in many months, and am feeling a lot less anxiety over the next steps in life. Not to mention I'm finally comfortable being single again. Been writing and recording a lot more original songs and covers which (I think) are getting better with each song tackled. I've wrote at least 7-8 songs of workable lyrics, and recorded parts for two more songs today that I plan on bringing back to college and working out with my bassist roommate.

Visited four breweries and two wineries this month alone, and spent a lot of time visiting and seeing friends from high school before they all move on to the real world. Some have already started their first full-time job, that isn't an internship/co-op. It's a bit weird being in a 5-year degree when a lot of people are in 4-year degrees. Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with the people I've been friends with for years now, as we all go off in whatever direction we get blown in. Summer's also been good for spending a of time outside. We don't have much in the way of a yard or what have you, but I've ran/walked 7 miles so far this week and am aiming for ten. Getting closer and closer to my goal of being able to run a 5k by mid-August.

How about you? Is Summer treating you well physically, psychologically, or any other way?


This has been one of the best summers of my life. I broke up with my fiance last fall after 5 years together and had a rough 6 months after that figuring myself out as an individual and fighting depression. Started dating again in May and met the most wonderful woman!

Seattle has had the best summer weather I can remember so there have been lots of late evenings and days spent outside.

Besides that I've been working on fitness; running, biking, climbing, swimming. Great stuff.

Party on hubski.

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