Bit of an old post, but (fingers crossed) I don't think it's been posted here yet, and it's really interesting content. If anyone knows of a better tag relating to data analysis, please don't hesitate to change the community tag.


That seems to be how I understand the difference between the two words. I have heard the phrase "the Nerds will inherit the earth," before -meaning that they'll eventually be the ones in charge. Geeks, not so much. Nerds make things and geeks appreciate what they've made.

Aside: If a link has been posted before and its the exact link, then you will be notified prior to posting that it's been posted in the past. BTW, this doesn't mean that you cannot post it again. That's totally fine. What's nice about the notification is that it links you to the past post, therefore you can see if there is a conversation there etc.

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