There's just no reason for a special pronoun. Sorry.

I got into this argument on reddit, and the person I was arguing with responded by, "Well, if you don't agree, then I'm just not going to allow you to be gay." Here's what I think: English already has a mechanism for gender-neutral words, it doesn't need anything more. All of them that I've heard have been extremely dumb sounding (ze/zir, xe, etc). It's just not going to happen.

There's a seriously disturbing movement associated with the tumblr people. They insist that everyone needs a special word, a special label, and that everyone needs to be pandered to. Well, they don't. The movement used to be specifically about removing labels, and now it's all about "how can I find the biggest, stupidest, most useless word to describe me?" It's gone on to the point of utter insanity. People are far, far, far too sensitive. And no one will say, "stop that" so instead of "I'm gay, I'm Lesbian, I'm bixesual, I'm trans," you've now got "I'm a genderqueer bicurious pansexual x y z, etc." It's simply ludicrous.

Sorry, but not everyone is special. Not everyone needs a special word to describe them. And it's not "heteronormative" or "committing erasure" to think so.

posted 2016 days ago