First, happy 4th of July!

Second, I think you can get more out of your blog if you explain more about the flag. Here are some questions you could get more content out of:

- what do the red and white stripes symbolize?

- why is it in the top corner? I've seen more maps do that, like Australia's.

- why is it called a canton?

- why was it hoised on a ship before anywhere else?

- what do you think is interesting about this map?

- by what flag was it replaced?

- did the flag play an interesting role in history and / or culture?

I'm personally much more interested in the story behind the flags than simply the facts. I can get facts from Wikipedia (not that you should remove facts, I just think it shouldn't be the main focus). You've studied a lot of flags, so I want to know why this is an interesting flag to you. I hope this helps!

posted by NewlyLostAgain: 1658 days ago