Okay so this is a bit of a stretch because we don't have many gaming types on Hubski. But with the newest Reddit influx that might have changed a bit. So I was wondering if you guys'd wanna do a Hubski Game Club.

Basically, what I'm thinking is a two tier thing.

First would be submitting a game you'd want to play for the month, along with an explanation for why you'd want to play it. The game with the most interest would be the one we pick. Then, each week, we talk about how far we've progressed, what we're thinking of the game, so on. I'd suggest an emphasis on PC/Mac games, just because everybody (theoretically) has a computer, but not everyone has an Xbox, PS3, 3DS, etc. etc.

But not everyone can play games from "beginning to end" because of time and all that jazz (I'll be fasting so I have all the time in the world, but I digress). So there'd also be a game, weekly or monthly, I'm not sure, that just focuses on single-play, multiplayer stuff, like Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead, etc. etc. That way people with less time could join in and play for a bit. A focus would be on free PC multiplayer games as well, just because that's more inclusive.

Thoughts? Ideas? Is this the worst idea since Weekly DJ? Let's discuss.


If ever you do stuff I can play on the Mac Steam client, lemme know. I'd be into it.

posted 2031 days ago