I was just looking at the new Hubski Reader app and noticed it wasn't asking for my password, yet had an option to view my feed.

Poked around and now I see that my feed is public as is everyone else's, even those posts I decided to "stick".

I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, yeah I guess it can be derived based on my public followings on my profile. On the other, I kind of like being about to see other people's feeds to see what else there is on the site. Then again, I can just go to their profile and see what they follow.

Perhaps an option to select if this is public? I might even leave my feed public if I had the option, I'm not sure yet. It's just a matter of I know other people will see this as someone looking over their shoulder at a coffee shop. It can feel a little bit too far sometimes.

At the very least, my stuck items should not be on the feed unless they were going to be exactly at that place anyway. Granted, they aren't displayed as stuck, but it's pretty easy to determine what is stuck if you look at someone's feed over a moderate amount of time (even 2-3 days should be plenty).


I rarely use the function, but I've always thought of it as another way towards content discovery. If you are new you can visit a more tenured users feed and see what they see. I'm not sure anyone does this, but it could be cool. I once envisioned there being a "random" feed button that you could click that took you to someones feed randomly.

What disturbs you about someone seeing your feed? I'm not saying you are wrong for feeling this, I just don't yet see how it could be a bad thing.


posted by user-inactivated: 1888 days ago