I'd never heard of Phil Fish before; I'm not part of that subculture.

I found it a fascinating analysis of fame, social behavior and expectations, and how the internet affects these things.


I was actually just about to post this, you beat me to the punch! lol.

I am actually in the indie game online community (as a consumer of content, not as a developer or youtuber). Phil Fish is, in fact, a quasi-egotist with divisive opinions and a headstrong attitude. In many circles, and at close glances, that is often considered to be "assholish". But I agree with this video, in that anything that is Inflammatory becomes an earth-shattering headline, while anything that he does that is positive (such as his tweet a while back of #yesallwomen) is totally ignored. we are creating the stereotype we want to exist.

At the end of the day, I think most of what he says (if we don't want to engage in a larger, broader conversation that is difficult on social media) should be taken in the way that Phil himself seems to suggest - From his Twitter Decription: "OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD"

posted by rob05c: 1677 days ago