My housemate is definitely making a trip for work, and I'm seriously considering making the flight out for it. I know we have quite a few people here who'd be interested, and insomniasexx is only a hop, skip and a jump away from it. I'd love to have a mini, hubski tech-meetup. Other tech hubskiers? mk, forwardslash, ecib and minimum_wage (? wasn't sure), and I know I'm forgetting others. If any of you know others that would be interested, please shoutout to them too.

Also, Vegas.


I'll only go if kleinbl00 goes.

I'm also doing comicon in San Diego July 27th weekend whatever so I don't know if I can handle another huge conference so soon. Maybe though. I did fly to freaking Boston for 48 hours. and it was so worth it.

posted by Meriadoc: 1830 days ago