0. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A HUBSKI MEETUP THIS WEEKEND In Boston. -All you chowderheads better be there!

1. Did you know that you can add a personal tag to every post that is unique to YOU? for example, by typing in music@ in the tag line it comes up with #music.thenewgreen -This way people can follow or ignore my user-specific tag

2. Did you know that mk made the first Hubski post 1,274 days ago?

3. Did you know that theadvancedapes makes educational videos for the PBS digital channel on YouTube? Did you also know that I wrote/recorded the theme music? Here's a favorite:

4. Did you know that lil writes a blog called lil's book of questions? and uses Discussion Via Hubski for her comments?

5. Did you know there was something called Discussion Via Hubski that allows content creators to mirror the discussions taking place on Hubski on their website/blog?

6. Did you notice that I'm shouting-out to users? We implemented this feature 984 days ago. You can do it by surrounding their username with the @ symbol.

7. Did you know that you can stick a post to the top of your feed? This is great for saving something to read or comment on at a later date.

8. Did you know that you can have multiple editors on a post? -This is great for group projects and collaborative works.

9. Did you know that we have quick quotes? -Well, now you do.

10. Did you know that a group of Hubskiers met up in DC and drank way too much Rye Whiskey?

11. Did you know that I had never met the following people in person until Hubski: b_b, insomniasexx, lil, theadvancedapes, Mindwolf, Meriadoc, arguewithatree, _refugee_, JakobVirgil, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some people....

12. Did you know that I've never met steve in person yet we've made a number of Hubski Videocasts: #tngpodcast, here's a favorite:

13. Did you know that _refugee_ is the creative genius behind The Kenning Journal?

14. Did you know that StJohn, aside from being an amazing author can play a mean ukelele?

15. Did you know that kleinbl00 shared a wonderfully written story he wrote titled The Restaurant at the Start of the Universe? -I highly recommend reading it.

16. Did you know that we sent a snail to space?

17. Did you know that on Hubski you can follow users, tags and domains?

18. Did you know that on Hubski you can self moderate your experience by using the "ignore, mute and hush" tools? You can ignore users, tags and domains.

19. Did you know that this list would be much longer but I really have to go to the bathroom? Check out the tutorial at the bottom of the page and the Primer Page for more stuff you should know.



20. Did you know that there's a meet-up this weekend in Boston.

I always forget about the sticky feature.

posted 2224 days ago