Thanks KB, never knew about this.

kleinbl00: My father was tracking satellites for the Air Force when they did the test. Living a sweet Engineering Co-op life in Honolulu. Said the sky turned green.

The burst took out his satellites, two british satellites and three Russian satellites, causing a major diplomatic stink. It also cut short his tenure in Honolulu; he was re-assigned to another tracking station in Thule, Greenland for six months. Said the sun went down on the day he arrived and didn't come back up again for the entire time he was there.

Amusingly enough, the devices that sent him to Greenland were designed by the parents of the kids he played with in elementary school.

My dad has some great Greenland stories. It was simultaneously the least-pleasant and most-impressive place he'd ever been forced to live.

Those satellites eventually became the GPS system. Food for thought.

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