The entire weekend is fair game for me but lets plan on Saturday, June 7th for those interested.

Museums to consider:

New England Aquarium: Pretty rad aquarium. Person I know is actually interning there right now.

Museum of Science: They do a great electricity demo and have a lot of cool exhibits.

Harvard Museum of Natural History: Really just walking around Cambridge as a whole is a good time.

Freedom Trail: Super touristy and all that but takes you through a lot places.

Museum of Fine Arts: Another great museum.

Other things to consider:

Sam Adams Tour: It's about a 20 minute tour followed by 20 minutes of drinking with more bars nearby.

Harpoon Tour: I've never done this tour because you have to get there early to get in, it seems.

GrandTen Distillery Tour: Also never done this but I've heard it's good.

Taza Chocolate Tour: I didn't even know this was a place with tours until this past weekend.

Bars to consider:

Eastern Standard

Cambridge Brewing Company

Mead Hall

Publick House

I'm partial to the Museum of Science and Aquarium, if anybody knows other things definitely bring them up here!

Shoutouts: insomniasexx, humanodon, nowaypablo, _refugee_, digi, mal-2, scrimetime, Dudley_McDanger, Demosthenes. Not sure if everyone tagged is interested, sorry if you got pinged and aren't!


Here's the flights I'm looking at:

Also, _refugee_ I know we talked about staying with digi but I don't really feel like dealing with subway and commuter rail drunk. They also stop around 1am and knowing us, we'll be rocking until 5am.

Does anyone have recommendations on shit cheap hotels that we can share. We mainly just need a place to leave our stuff and shower and sleep for a few hours Saturday night. Emphasis on the cheap.

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