K. Ishibashi opens his second solo album, Lighght, by taking a tone-setting 48-second violin solo. Titled "D├ębut - Impromptu," it skids and squeaks with accelerating abandon until the notes distort and smash together chaotically; by the end, the instrument has become largely indistinguishable from the machines he so often uses to loop and manipulate it. It's equal parts introduction and mission statement for Lighght, in which technique and experimentation collide in high-spirited, even disorienting ways.

This is absolutely incredible. I know somebody here likes Kishi Bashi but I can't remember who. This might be better than 151a. Time to go see if his show in Boston isn't sold out so I can grab a ticket.

Update: Not sold out! Is there anyone in the Boston area that would like to join up at this!?


I like Kishi Bashi! I enjoyed 151a, although I've found his live stuff to be much much better. I'm actually going to see him in a couple days at a bar down the street. I'll give this a listen in the morning but for now I've already decided on falling asleep to Tycho's "Awake" album :)

posted by ButterflyEffect: 1719 days ago