The stage is set for a new, super-heavy element to be added to the periodic table following research published in the latest Physics Review Letters. Led by researchers at Germany's GSI laboratory, the team created atoms of element 117, matching the heaviest atoms ever observed, which are 40 per cent heavier than an atom of lead.

    The periodic table of the elements is to get crowded towards its heaviest members. Evidence for the artificial creation of element 117 has recently been obtained at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, an accelerator laboratory located in Darm-stadt, Germany.

I get very excited whenever I see news of new elements being confirmed or in the process of being confirmed.


    Element 117 is yet to be named: a committee comprising members of the International Unions of Pure and Applied Physics and Chemistry will review these new findings, along with the original ones, and decide whether further experiments are needed before acknowledging the element's discovery. Only after such final acceptance, a name may be proposed by the discoverers.
The inventer's name is Dull Man so Dullmanium is a likely possibility. Also, they've been naming elements after locations where they have been discovered, hence Californium. So I suppose Germanium can be considered.

This sounds awfully uninteresting. A new super-heavy element should be named for something super-heavy (Slayerium, Metallicaium) or maybe Putinium because he's so heavy-handed. What else is super-heavy these days?

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