Depending on how bored I get at work tomorrow I might make some fun graphs and do some other stuff with the information, we'll see.

This post was inspired by something that thenewgreen said to me earlier, namely this:

    This is my 184th reply to you. -I'm glad you found us pal and I appreciate you mentioning it to friends. I have found that it's really not for everyone. That said, it's not a generational thing, as is evidenced by any number of younger and older active hubski users. It's more of a preferential thing. I can't help but think that too many people dismiss the idea of joining a discussion community out of hand though and would really enjoy it if they gave it a shot.

I'm 22. I'll edit this with the "how do I feel about it" part later, about to run to a meeting.


I'm 50. Get off my lawn!

I always say, getting old sucks, but the alternative is worse.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 1720 days ago