If The Muppets (2011) was exactly the reason why adults shouldn't see kids' movies, then Muppets Most Wanted is the reason they should. It's snappy, clever, funny, and the music is enormously catchy. So why do the critics dislike it?


I enjoyed the first new Muppet movie, but I don't disagree with any of your criticisms of it. It was definitely safe, and I don't recall any of the music numbers. That said, I thought Jason Segel's affection for the Muppets franchise was evident and that he did it service. I'm looking forward to this new one, I'm a fan and will ever be. As a kid, the Muppet show was an event in our household, complete with bowls of popcorn and sitting cross legged on the floor -only 2 feet from the television. That opening number of the show is amazing and has never been matched in television history.

I have a question for you, would it be appropriate to take a three and a half-year-old to this movie?

I have a request as well, I think you should record yourself playing the ukulele and let us hear you do that song :)

As for songs from a Muppet movie, surely nothing can touch the original version of Rainbow Connection with Kermit picking the banjo in the swamp. Awesome stuff!

posted by StJohn: 1858 days ago