Against social media trolls. Leshu Torchin, in Wednesday's Souciant.


To me, this skirts a bigger issue - it's not like you're a captive audience to Facebook of all things.

I'm seasons behind on Breaking Bad. Moderate a sub where 4chan trolls regularly post spoilers to whatever's hot, which we then have to delete. Which means we then have to read prior to deletion. Which means in many ways I'm a lot closer to ol'Alex up there than these very people the author is talking about whom I, too, have observed.

When did we stop being stewards of our own information? If you don't want to read something, don't read it. If you're watching Mad Men a few episodes behind and you see the start of a sentence about Don Draper, don't finish the sentence. I've got nine fricking tabs open right now and if Walter White himself popped his head up in this one I could hide myself from knowledge I didn't want without even looking away. And looking away is a good thing to do every ten minutes or so. Prevents eyestrain.

Is it "ownership" of your feed or something? Do you think those words on your screen somehow belong to you? And the spoiler is like a gopher in your garden?

Dunno. There's some weird behavior prompted by Facebook.

posted by BorgoPo: 1923 days ago