It seemed strange to me that a credit-bearing college course should be dedicated to telling students why they should go to college, but the entire first-year sequence turns out to be an almost surreal riff on the socialization process of higher education, where secondary characteristics of college graduates become the actual subjects of the courses.

b_b: To supplement my stipend, I taught at one of these shit holes while I was in graduate school. The bright side was that they pay pretty well. The down side is that I had to teach out of a textbook that is used at prep schools for 8th and 9th grade students in getting ready for physics type classes--and yet they had the audacity to call it physics. Maybe the place to look is at the accreditation boards. This particular school was accredited by the North Central association, who also accredits a lot of the major universities around here. The education isn't even similar though, so I don't know what the deal is. Kickbacks? Who knows?

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