This is a new tag I started using a couple weeks ago. I know it's not everyone's favorite subject, but it's one of mine (I believe _refugee_ is into a good serial killer story as well). Since I am reviving #tagoftheweek, I'm going to be selfish and pick a tag I love.

The tag #crimestories is used for those fantastic true murder/crime stories that are endlessly fascinating and typically seem like they belong in theaters, not real life.

The person who has the most shares this week (excluding myself if such an event occurs) gets to pick next week's tag.



If I am honest I like any story about psychopaths or people with severe mental disturbances or who go off the bend and on murdering sprees. I especially like it when there is enough information that a relatively comprehensive backstory also exists. I find them as fascinating as they are horrifying.

Wikipedia is my favorite source for things like this, mainly because I can find one such story, and then Wikipedia will point me to six or twelve similar instances. Plus they have the index pages.

Here, read about the Bloody Benders and tell me you're familiar with Albert Fish.

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