I'm more open to discussing this article than I was with Lil Ms Duke


Also, he mentions this briefly. If you haven't seen it, it's extraordinary. Violent, sick, voyeuristic, poetic, strange: http://www.pornmd.com/live-search


Isn't the she you're referring to actually a he? Or am I confused? Also, I get what the author is trying to say but some parts of this came off as condescending and talking down to the reader. Such as every single sentence where this appears:

    ...you hate us...

Other instances of feeling like I'm being talked down to:

    It's fine, not all emotions have to be based on facts. We're human beings, after all. I just wanted to make sure you knew it couldn't be factual.
    But listen. The facts? You're going to have a hard time with them.
    Okay, let's just skip that part, I already went over it, and I don't want to tire you out by repeating myself.
... and so many more. Overall I didn't enjoy the tone of this article, not that any of these articles are great in that aspect.

I've seen things like that search before and it's always interesting to see what kinks are being searched.

posted by insomniasexx: 1758 days ago