Envisioning a future in which Oculus’ technology is the dominant platform is diametrically opposed: it’s a reality where humans retreat from day-to-day activities in favor of computers. This idea – a life lived in computers – is something that appeals to the technically predisposed; who among us spends all day in front a glowing screen, and then goes home to do the exact same? I’m sure Zuckerberg is in that boat. But it’s a much smaller boat than many technologists realize.


That is why I don't expect VR to change the world. It is fundamentally an immersion technology. You can't take it with you. It will very likely change gaming, but it gets awkward outside of entertainment. Of course, maybe we will one day all jack into the matrix, but that will be via a mind-computer interface, not trompe l'oeil.

posted by ecib: 1758 days ago