mrjasonetaylor threw up a beat and I put some chords to it and a bit of organ and T-Dog added the bass. Who is up next? jonaswildman, bgood79, ecib, fuffle or mrjasonetaylor, you can go again.

I was going to try and record some vocals but I think I'll wait till more is added.

Anyone want to add something? I'm going to throw an invitation out to coffeesp00ns to add some bowed bass in, perhaps at the end of the song or anywhere really. Also, if you play other instruments Cspoons, go for it.

Here is the link to the song, for some reason it's saying "track currently not available":

Because we have so many talented musicians on Hubski, I have decided to limit this song to those I've shouted out to. That said, please start other collaborative works outside of this project. That would be awesome


i can probably throw throw some synth on and generally give it a nice electronic-ish feel if you want, heres my stuff

posted by thenewgreen: 1904 days ago