I'm really into some certain genres of electronic music, and I don't see a lot of electronic at all in #music. I don't want to flood a whole popular tag with music they might not be interested in, but at the same time I want to get some good links going.

I really like the idea of personal tags, so I figure #music@ will likely be one of my two tags. What do I do with the other tag? I don't see an electronic music-specific tag (EDIT: yes, this tag actually does exist, but only one other follower besides myself), should I just start posting to #electronicmusic anyway and hope people interested in it eventually find it?


Personally, I would tag it #music and #electronicmusic, that way it reaches those interested in music in general and those not interested in electronicmusic can easily "ignore" that tag.

That's just me though. Your inclination to use a personal tag is a good one too.

posted by syzo: 1784 days ago