I'm wondering if it might be worth having a memorisation tag in here - #dailylines or #dailypoem or #weeklypoem or such like. Maybe a maximum of a few lines per day from different poems, or one longer poem a week?

Thoughts? Would anyone else be up for it? I know it's really useful to be able to recall quotes for different occasions, such as writing novels, speeches, love letters.

My inclination would be to choose classic and well known poems, from Shakespeare (excerpts from plays are fine too) through to 20th century poets such as T S Eliot and Yeats.


While I am an advocate of memorizing poetry, I don't know if a poetry memorization club would get off the ground here. It would require an extensive committment of multiple members.

I posit that those who find poetry worth memorization are already memorizing poetry on their own, and that it might be difficult to find others who have that kind of passion and just need "a little kick." Plus, usually memorization is best when you find poems of great personal meaning to you (or great personal beauty) and decide you want to keep them forever. It's a bit of a personal thing - which is why I think a weekly tag might have trouble. In such a case, we'd all be working together to memorize a poem - but how do you do that on an online forum? How do you use an online forum to make memorization easier? and trying to memorize poems we might not have any resonance with.

However, I encourage you to try and memorize poetry.

posted by istara: 1974 days ago