From the Russian perspective, this does not need to be explained. It is simply what life is. We don’t have to explain why creatures desire to be alive. Life is an end in itself. And if what being alive actually consists of is having powers—to run, jump, fight, fly through the air—then surely the exercise of such powers as an end in itself does not have to be explained either. It’s just an extension of the same principle.

That's such a fun idea. This article was lengthy but it was a really great read! Thanks for sharing!

I liked it particularly because I've recently been struggling with ideas about how hard one should work-how ragged I should run myself. Is it worth it? What's the point if I'm not having much fun or enjoying myself? Will it really pay off later, or is it an endless cycle that I'm going to live out forever and regret some day? This resonated with my nicely and put a nice evolutionary spin on such pondering.

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