I love the Wankel. I've often wondered if you could add coils and magnets to a Wankel and get an alternator out of it too.


This website kicks serious ass. I also love the Wankel. My first car was a Mazda RX-7, featuring a Wankel engine. To this day, it's my favorite car I ever owned, and I only had it for less than three weeks before I totaled it. I suppose that's why 16 year olds shouldn't drive sports cars. I almost bought an RX-8 last year, but I passed, as they're not nearly as cool as the old RX-7s. The huge negative of the Wankel is that it backfired all the time. Not sure if they solved that problem since the 80s, but I know the current iterations have had a problem with burning oil.

posted by mk: 1785 days ago