Classical music has been circling the drain for years, of course. There’s little doubt as to the causes: the fingernail grip of old music in a culture that venerates the new; new classical music that, in the words of Kingsley Amis, has about as much chance of public acceptance as pedophilia


As a fan of classical, it's sad to see this decline. It's really not that stuffy or complicated once you get into it. I don't really have much of a musical education. I was in my band and know a bit of trumpet and flute, but none of those were at a level to truly understand all that goes on in a work. I mentioned before about how I got into classical, and had to thank the always fantastic Erik Satie for that:

I can only keep recommending classical and posting about it. If I could get some people into it, then I've done my part in keeping it alive. I also think Game music and Film music are good enough. If classical does die, then those can live on and maybe take the place of classical, as many people already know Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu and Koichi Sugiyama from their works in video games and they are nothing to scoff at:

I really dig Koichi's work in the dragon quest games the most.

But in any case, sad article to read.


I haven't been to the symphony in at least three years.

A lot of that is probably due to the birth of my daughter three years ago but still if people don't go symphonies die. I've seen programs that I would have enjoyed, I just haven't made the time.

I haven't gone to many shows in general in the last three years. At least half of the shows I've gone to have been ones I can bring my daughter to. I will absolutely take her to see classical music performances when she gets old enough to sit through them.

There aren't as many outdoor performances where I live now as there were in the place I grew up. Outdoor symphonies are fantastic shows for kids. Lawn seating, the chance to bring your own picnic lunch and lots of things to look at make them great for exposing kids to culture.

My mom would teach me about a composers we would be hearing before we went to the performance. We'd listen to some of the pieces. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

This piece has inspired to me to take Hazel to see a full Portland Symphony perform before she turns four. I've taken her to see some small ensemble stuff in parks and she seemed to like it Ok but I bet she would be thrilled by the power of a full orchestra.

thenewgreen have you taken your kid to the symphony? Do you actively expose your daughter to music for her own benefit (play stuff that you might not have put on if it weren't for her own benefit, and I don't mean Raffi). I've been trying to play a bit more stuff with Latin rhythms and some calypso for her, I think it's hard to understand some of those vibes without early exposure.

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