Hello, everyone! This is an idea I've been thinking about since I first joined this site a few months ago. This post, however, was sparked by my recent contribution of Salt Man, particularly the interest thenewgreen, elizabeth, and others showed in it.

New users to Hubski - like uh_oh right now - often find the site hard to navigate and even harder to find their way into the community. I've seen the friends at a bar metaphor thrown around several times. It's a lovely characterization of the community atmosphere here. And it's gotten me thinking about a friend system where older users make it a priority to get to know new members by following them, giving them feedback, and generally showing them around the place.

It's likely that some want to log on, enjoy their drink, and not be bothered. That's how I was at first, but I'm sure there are other lurkers who'd love to commit more time if they knew they'd be considered seriously. On the other side, there are several of you who seem to have a gift for introducing and making people at ease.

It's just an idea, but I'd like to know your opinions on it.


Hey Peter, I know that insomniasexx has been working on something that will make it easier for new users to discern the differences between Hubski and other places and will highlight some key and even obscure functions of the site. Right now, I like that a number of people (and they change all the time) will step up to the situation and help a new user understand the site. To me, it's kind of cool that as of yet, it has not required any sort of formal declaration or mechanism, it just happens. elizabeth has been really great at this of late, insomniasexx has always been great at it and lil, theadvancedapes and countless others are really good at making people feel welcome etc. The question I'm always interested in knowing the answer to is this: "How could we make it easier for you as a user to invite quality people to the site?" That said, I'm interested to know more about your "friend system" and how you see it playing out. Thanks for the post.

posted by PeterC: 1915 days ago