I haven't posted a writing prompt in over two months. Life seems to go better when there's a poem lurking backstage.

Hubski has been full of poetry. _refugee_'s poem This Time I'm Really Going to Do It was inspiring and I thought that it might make an interesting prompt - but it seemed that I wasn't really going to do it or even get close. Then PeterC's "Salt Man" and elizabeth's subsequent illustrations got me thinking about dissolving as a prompt and then I started thinking about all the people in the periodic table (Iodine Man, Antimony Woman, Tin Man, Rhodium Girl). My favourite comic book in the 1960s, and maybe always, was the Metal Men. (I always identified with Tina, or Platnium.)

But I digress. I just heard a love poem called "Don't Touch Me" and thought perhaps I'd leave that prompt with hubski. There seems to be lots of things we're not allowed to touch or encouraged to touch. Times to touch or not touch. Risks. --- This prompt also brings to mind a story I wrote about a co-ed sauna.

EDIT: Can I make this picture smaller?


  Don't touch me
  said the mountain
  to the clouds.
  When you're around
  I feel invisible.

  Don't touch me
  said the teabag
  to the steaming water.
  When you're around
  I lose myself.

  Don't touch me
  said the trees 
  to the wind
  When you're around
  I feel abandoned.

  Don't touch me
  Said the shore to the wave
  I never know whether
  You're coming or going.
(just a placeholder)

posted by lil: 1979 days ago